About Us

Art is not just a pretty picture on a wall, it is a way of living. It brings joy, nostalgia, love and more. At Vache Bleue Galleries we want to help you fall back in love with art.
Vache Bleue Galleries is owned by Olesya Bean, family run with family values at the core. Opened in 2020, we are the home of modern and contemporary art, showcasing artworks from international and national artists, from Dali and Picasso to Pure Evil and Richard Holmes. Vache Bleue Galleries have a gallery in the heart of St Albans, and specialise in the sale of original artwork, prints and framing services. Vache Bleue Galleries aims to bring a new vision of exciting and unique artworks to clients.

Opening Times

We are open:
9am-5.30pm Monday
9am-5.30pm Tuesday
9am-5.30pm Wednesday
9am-5.30pm Thursday
9am-5.30pm Friday
9am-5.30pm Saturday
11am-4.30pm Sunday.
We can’t wait to welcome you into our home.