Leigh Lambert

Thirsty Work - Canvas Deluxe


We are pleased to offer for sale this limited edition artwork by Leigh Lambert. Leigh Lambert's stunning artwork is a reflection of his upbringing in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where he spent the first twenty years of his life. From a young age, Leigh had an innate talent for drawing, and his family quickly recognized his artistic flair. As he progressed through school, his skill in creating exceptionally detailed and intricate works of art captured the attention of his teachers. Leigh's ability to capture the essence of a scene with his canny knack for detail is evident in every piece he creates. Despite having no formal art qualifications or training, Leigh has honed his craft through self-teaching, resulting in a unique and distinctive style that is instantly recognizable. Discover the magic of Leigh Lambert's artwork and add a piece of his stunning collection to your home or office today. The overall size of the framed artwork is approximately 31x23cm.

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